First O2, Now Carphone Warehouse… ***UPDATED***


Once again I’m furious with a company, and once again it has to do with a mobile phone. My bad luck with mobile phones, and gadgets in general, continues! (Fuck you Apple)

As with the last post with O2, let’s start from the beginning, so you know the full … Continue reading

So, O2 have really pissed me off – Update

Normally when I have an update to the post I last made, I just update the post and change the title so it says something to the tune of ***UPDATED*** at the end.

Not this time, as there’s a fair bit that’s happened since I made the post.

As you … Continue reading

So, O2 have really pissed me off

I haven’t posted a Blog Entry in a while, but I need and want to rant about something that’s really fucked me off.

I am absolutely furious at O2. In fact, that’s putting it lightly. And if anyone from O2 reads this and isn’t happy with what I’ve put, I’ve … Continue reading

Not thinking with Portals…

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I played Portal 2 on my PC in the early hours of this morning.

It made me realise that it’s been far too long since I last played Portal 2 – or pretty much any game on my PC … Continue reading

Spotify, Deadmau5, Web Hosting, Puppy, Drunk, Laptop, Internet Radio…

A lot has happened since my last post, which is why the subject of this post is so long. I’m going to try to say everything that’s happened since my last post, and usual for me, I may go into too much detail, so this post may be a bit … Continue reading

Christmas in Leeds

I’m back in Leeds for Christmas with the family. In case you’re wondering, Lilly is in Ireland with Katie.

Although I nearly didn’t, the floods in the southwest nearly put an end to that and could have subjected me to a Christmas spent at home, alone. Luckily the trains were … Continue reading

Okay, I have to admit something here…

Samsung’s TouchWiz is much, much better than it used to be. And I actually like it.

For the poor bastards who have no idea what the actual fuck I’m on about, let’s backtrack a bit.

Most of you will know that for a fair while now I’ve been bragging about … Continue reading

… And She’s Back! ***UPDATED!***

Yep, we got Lilly back. She’s here and happy.

I know I said I’d sort a Facebook Album but I’ve not had time, as soon as it’s done a link will be given.

After far too long trying to figure out why I couldn’t upload pictures from my phone to … Continue reading

The Story of the Dog and Trading Standards

So, I haven’t posted in a while. And there’s been a very good reason for this. For people who don’t like reading long posts, tough shit. It’s a long post or nothing. The reason I haven’t posted this until now is that we didn’t want Katie’s brothers to find out … Continue reading