The late post

I should have posted this ages ago, but laziness, falling asleep on the settee & things coming up meant it’s late. I won’t lie, it was mostly laziness. Oops. ๐Ÿ˜›

Just as a warning, this is going to be a big post, there’s a lot of things that have happened recently that I want to put in this post.

Oooh, hale stones. ^.^

A while ago while at work, someone came in from the local Natwest & while I was serving them I asked if Natwest were doing Contactless Cards. She said she didn’t know, but that if she found out she’d tell me. (We take them at work)

So, a week or so later I went to the branch & was served by the same lady that I’d served at work. She told me that the day after I’d asked her about the cards, they’d got an e-mail about them! So she ordered me one & it turned up yesterday! So I have a Contactless Card! w00t!

Starting work on my Minecraft Server today, to get the new map up & running and to copy the things from the old map to the new one. No idea how long it’ll take, but while I’m working on it, the Map will not be accessible to anyone. Once I’ve got it working then all the previous permissions will be restored. Obviously I’ll keep you informed on here AND on the Minecraft page.

I made a YouTube video explaining how to use Meltus’ Android App Volume+. It’s crap (I made it, of course it’s gonna be crap). You can’t see me in it, only my HTC Desire HD. When Meltus releases a version that fixes the few tiny bugs currently in the app, I may make a new one.

Ooh, lightning. ^.^

A few posts back I put this:

Iโ€™m possibly going to be doing something Iโ€™ve never done before tomorrow. If I get to do it, Iโ€™ll post about it on here.

I’m not so sure I should do it now. Basically ‘cos it’s lame and boring. Let me explain:

I have an app on my phone called SleepMeter that I use to track how much sleep I’m getting at night. I can tell it if there were any holes in the sleep, if I had any aids (music, tv, etc), if there were any hindrances (someone snoring, hot, cold, ill, etc), and tags (work night, other random crap). It makes a html page with a load of stats and some graphs which I was going to put on the site. But I probably won’t now, as I can only assume no-one would look at it.

Me & Katie just watched the end of Carnivร le. The ending was really good, but it’s a fucking damn shame that it was canned! It’s a damn good show & was thoroughly enjoyed by both me & Katie. Well, I assume she enjoyed it. However, we’re watching No Ordinary Family at the moment, that’s pretty good.

I refused to watch the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix. The race should never happened. And it should have been cancelled when a member of the public got shot. Also, because Force India didn’t do Friday Practice to make sure their staff were safe, they weren’t shown AT ALL on the TV on Saturday’s Qualifying. Bernie, you’re a fucking cock.

I can’t remember what else to put. >.< I really should post more often so I remember what I wanna put! Or type into some sort of text file so I can remember. Anyway, I’ll leave this as is, I have a Minecraft Server to kick.

Just drive

How awesome was the F1 race in China? The high tyre wear caused all sorts of problems & it was a shame that Button had trouble with his rear left wheel in his last pit stop, as I was hoping for a great fight for the win in the final stages of the race. You can’t deny that Rosberg drove a damn good race & deserved the win. Not so lucky for Schumacher though, who was let out of the pit lane too early and one of his wheels hadn’t been secured to his car. Hamilton got his third 3rd place of the year, he drove very well though.

Sky’s music during the intro to the F1 program is amazing. It’s by Alistair Griffin. His Facebook & Twitter.

It’s called “Just Drive” & here’s a YouTube video of the song:

I think it’s an astounding song & bought it from Amazon MP3. Do you like it? Hate it? Post in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m hopefully going to be updating my Webhosting & Minecraft pages tomorrow so there’s more information on them. I’ll also adding a new page shortly – but I’ll tell you about the new page later, once it’s up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Had an insane dream that I’d left home, just up and left, was some unknown reason stranded in Bridgwater & then suddenly Steven fry appears out of no-where & starts talking to me, listening to my predicament & trying to help. The problem was that I needed to call work to explain that I couldn’t come in anymore, but every time that I did, Steven would talk about something & I’d totally forget to call for 5-10 mins. very weird.

Ordered a Contactless Card from NatWest! Wanted one for ages, as Greggs takes them & I want to look like a prat stood there holding my card against a machine for 3-5 seconds. ๐Ÿ˜›

Also, would anyone like to give me ยฃ17 a month so I can get the HTC One X? ๐Ÿ˜› I’ll give you free hosting! No? Oh well.

I’m possibly going to be doing something I’ve never done before tomorrow. If I get to do it, I’ll post about it on here. Of course. As where else am I going to put it? Facebook? Meh. Maybe. I dunno. ๐Ÿ˜›

Right, it’s like nearly half 5 in the morning so I’m off to bed. Night!

More Stories about Toys

Just like last week, me & Katie sat down to watch this:

So, Toy Story 3 next week, Channel 5? Also, HD ftw. Didn’t watch Toy Story 1 in HD as I forgot we get Channel 5 HD as part of our TV Package.

That’s it, really. Off to bed now as I’m up at 6AM for a 7AM – 12PM shift. >.<

Man Flu!

I’m infected with the deadly Man Flu!

I’m kidding of course, but I’m still ill & now I’m losing my voice! Hopefully it’ll come back before I’m back at work at 7AM on Monday…

Did the Radio again on Friday, but it wasn’t as good or as mad & crazy as it usually is due to feeling ill & my voice was starting to go at that point. At least I tried though, and it was still fun, so not all was lost.

I bought these today from Asda. And the box. Took this pic with my phone:

Yes, that actual whole box. 30 Creme Eggs. 3 for ยฃ1 at Asda. So therefore 30 for a tenner. ^.^

Here’s the receipt to prove it (Asda call them “Cadbury”):

10 x Multibuy savings lmao. XD

The Chocolate mini doughnuts were awesome, but Creme Eggs are my all time favourite. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t think what else to put & I fell asleep while typing this. So I’m off to bed. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

One last thing: You can now register on my site easily by using your Social Website login. Hopefully should make it easier & quicker.

Too tired to think of a Title

Watched the last episode of Boardwalk Empire today. Still can’t believe James made love with his mum. So wrong. So so wrong. He’s dead now though. Don’t think Nucky should have shot him though. Mrs Schroeder Thompson is in deep shit when Nucky finds out she signed over the land to the Church instead of him. This is while he’s in a field on said land celebrating about building a new highway on it!

Did a load more work on my Minecraft Server, mainly major upgrades to my “square mob trap”. Got a new player on it, a German guy, calls himself slashlife, who’s been playing properly (as in properly mining, crafting, smelting, etc) and built an awesome looking house.

Only thing is, I’m thinking of restarting my server. Making a new 1.2.5 server from new & moving all the cool things from the current server to it. It would be possible, just a pain in the arse. It does need doing though as the current server has a fair few things wrong with it & its also quite old, it’s the same seed that I was running on my PC when I first started running the Minecraft Server software! I’ll keep you up to date on this Blog and also on the Minecraft page.

Busy day for me tomorrow – doing an almost full day at work (8 – 5:45) then when I get home I’ve got to do a water change for the fish. After that I’ll be calling a friend of an old customer to help them with a computer problem. Hopefully after that I’ll have some time to go on Minecraft but I won’t get long, I’m in work the day after at 7AM!

I’ve managed to persuade Katie watch 6 episodes of Heroes & watching it again is just reminding me why I fell in love with it in the first place.

Also, thank God for WordPress for Android or I wouldn’t have been able to post this. ๐Ÿ˜›


Woke up, felt like crap. Throat is dry & swallowing feels like I’m trying to eat hard, dry bread. Had a pounder of a headache too.

Had a cup of honey tea, some painkillers & some chocolate. Thank god for chocolate. ^.^

Now I’m sat with Katie watching


Which I’m not complaining about, it is a damn good film.

I’m working on the comments so that you can log in with your Twitter or Facebook Account.

Remember when I said no-one likes being ill?

I think I’m starting to get ill. I’ve got a cough, my throat is dry & I’m starting to feel a bit worn down. I’m seriously hoping I haven’t caught whatever the hell Katie has, I can’t work if I sound like a mouse & I’d be so dead on my feet they’d probably send me home anyway.

To try to combat it, I’ve taken a multivitamin tablet, a Cod Liver Oil tablet, drunk a cup of tea laced with honey (to the horror of my teeth) & I’m actually going to go to bed early. Well, early for me when I’m not in work that morning.

I really hope I’m not ill, as Monday is Easter Bank Holiday Monday, meaning I’ll be earning double time & ยฝ. No sore throat or cold or anything is keeping me away from that. Plus Bank Holidays are normally dead, so that should help.

I might do a special Easter show on ClanBase Radio tomorrow, but it really depends on how my throat & voice hold out. We’ll see if it does. Although I could think my throat / voice is okay, do they show, and then find it’s screwed. Really does depend on how I feel & I can always end the show early.

I have a Plugin on this that automatically posts a message on my Twitter Account when I publish a new post on here. Today I installed a Facebook one, so hopefully that’ll get this place a little more traffic & maybe one of you reading this will need some sort of web hosting & will get in contact! (look at the tabs at the top of the page or click here)

On the note of webhosting, I’ve edited the page so that you can e-mail me, as some people don’t have or like Facebook and/or Twitter, and would prefer to e-mail instead. I broke the address up though, to try to block the billions of e-mail address stealing bots out there that would then send me bonkers amounts of shite every x mins.

[notice]I’ve only just noticed that the Minecraft link on this site was broken & was taking people to my Minecraft Control Panel. Fixed that now, although the Minecraft page is pretty low on information. I will update it soon.[/notice]

Katie’s up & about now, but she still sounds like a mouse. Hopefully she’s on the mend though.

On the lighter side of things:


I hope everyone has a great Easter, and don’t eat all your eggs straight away or you’ll just throw them back up!

Online Radio & Minecraft

Yep, I’m a DJ on an Internet Radio Station. That station is ClanBase Radio, and I’m usually on every Friday from 8PM to 10PM UK time. It’s really fun, I talk about shite, play music & requests, take the piss out of people & generally have a good laugh. My show’s called TFI Friday. I sometime get people calling in on Skype too, and once I get a faster internet connection, you’ll be able to watch me while I’m broadcasting, although why you’d want to is completely beyond me! ๐Ÿ˜›

Finally managed to update my Minecraft Server to 1.2.4, and then the very next day, what do Mojang do? Update Minecraft. Luckily, since Bukkit is now part of Mojang, they updated Bukkit quickly & it’s now on 1.2.5. This is good, as I now have the “higher” maps & was able to paste in a Mob Trap I’ve been trying to do for the past 2 months. It looks freaking awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve now also figured out how to protect areas using WorldGuard, so once I have my important places (read: Mob Traps) protected from being destroyed / raped by lava, I may relax the current automated kick-everyone-who’s-not-registered-on-my-Minecraft-control-panel. I’m thinking of building a massive rail network that’ll show them all off, but that’s low on my list – the Trap I just installed has a few bit and bobs that need sorting, and the massive trap I built needs major work making it a little higher and raising the collection area – it’s too low to Bedrock at the moment so it’s far too dark & the outer traps don’t reach the level it’s currently at. Raising it won’t be much of a problem, just cut & paste it. Connecting it all back up to the middle one at the collection system will be the biggest pain in arse. When it’s all done I’ll post here.

Katie is still ill. She was getting better yesterday, until she burnt herself out, so now she’s back to square one, basically. It’s annoying, as I miss spending time with her, but I’m not blaming her. I just hope she gets well soon.

Right, it’s far too late, I should be in bed.