Wehey, I’ve finally updated this thing & made it look a lot better than it was.

I’ve installed a new theme, a fair few Plugins (mainly to stop spam) & attached to my Twitter account.

I can’t promise I’ll post here a lot, but since it’s actually on my own site now I might post more often.

The site is running on my awesome & rather powerful VPS (Virtual Private Server). I can host other websites too, and make them work with your own domain, if you own one.

I already host one for a good friend of mine called Dev_Meltus: – He makes an Android App called Volume+ that can make your phone speaker, headset & Bluetooth Headset louder. I installed the Forums & the Support site running on his part of my VPS too. 🙂

So, onto today. Watched the whole of Being Human Season 4 in HD. Thank you Sky. ^.^

My phone started being a twat a couple of days ago, so I had to sort it out. It’s a HTC Desire HD, Rooted & running a custom ROM, called Android Revolution HD (version 6.3.2). I had to re-install the ROM, so I thought I’d give the newest one a try, which is based on HTC Sensation’s ROM, not the Desire HD’s. It also comes with HTC Sense 3.5, while 6.3.2 comes with Sense 3.0. My phone didn’t like it, so I went back to 6.3.2.

On the topic of phones, I really really want the HTC One X. Really really want. Mainly as it’s fucking crazy powerful. But also ‘cos it comes with ICS and HTC Sense 4 out of the box. And you can Root it, so I can restore my Titanium Backup on it. Want. So very, very much.

Got F1 2010 & 2011, thanks to Katie. ^.^ Still haven’t competed 2010 yet… Also we’ve got Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition & Batman Arkham City. I probably should mention that we have an Xbox 360. We don’t have a PS3.

Got work tomorrow, 12 – 4. Really need to get myself a full time job.

So yeah, that’s that really… Until next time.

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