Man Flu!

I’m infected with the deadly Man Flu!

I’m kidding of course, but I’m still ill & now I’m losing my voice! Hopefully it’ll come back before I’m back at work at 7AM on Monday…

Did the Radio again on Friday, but it wasn’t as good or as mad & crazy as it usually is due to feeling ill & my voice was starting to go at that point. At least I tried though, and it was still fun, so not all was lost.

I bought these today from Asda. And the box. Took this pic with my phone:

Yes, that actual whole box. 30 Creme Eggs. 3 for £1 at Asda. So therefore 30 for a tenner. ^.^

Here’s the receipt to prove it (Asda call them “Cadbury”):

10 x Multibuy savings lmao. XD

The Chocolate mini doughnuts were awesome, but Creme Eggs are my all time favourite. 🙂

I can’t think what else to put & I fell asleep while typing this. So I’m off to bed. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

One last thing: You can now register on my site easily by using your Social Website login. Hopefully should make it easier & quicker.

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5 Responses to Man Flu!

  1. Everything about this post makes you lame.

  2. You spent £10 on Cream Eggs?!? lol +_+

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