No-one likes being ill…

I certainly don’t. However, luckily for me (although I don’t know how long for, depending on if it’s contagious) I’m not the one that’s ill.

That person is Katie. She’s got really bad headaches (worse than normal), a really painful throat & it’s very painful for her to talk. She barely got any sleep last night & I doubt she’ll get much tonight, although she has had broken sleep during today. I hope she gets well soon.

Guy came to the house to see if we could have free solar panels installed. Unfortunately, due to the extension taking up too much of the south facing roof area, they can’t. Well, not for free anyway. We could get it done … for £6-7 grand. Yeah. No solar panels for us, then…

Having a “live” (as in moving) background on your Android phone == major battery drain. Bit of a pain, as the weather background was pretty fucking awesome, but I’d rather have a phone that almost lasts all day, not one that lasts for about half of one.

Going to make a page on here about me being able to host websites. No point just putting it in a blog post, as no-one has any idea what my VPS can do, so I thought I’d make a little page detailing what my VPS supports & how quick it is, etc, so people can get a little extra information before they contact me.

Right, that’s me done. Gonna cabbage out in front of the TV & play some F1 2010 on the Xbox 360 before I head off to the spare bedroom for the night.

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