Online Radio & Minecraft

Yep, I’m a DJ on an Internet Radio Station. That station is ClanBase Radio, and I’m usually on every Friday from 8PM to 10PM UK time. It’s really fun, I talk about shite, play music & requests, take the piss out of people & generally have a good laugh. My show’s called TFI Friday. I sometime get people calling in on Skype too, and once I get a faster internet connection, you’ll be able to watch me while I’m broadcasting, although why you’d want to is completely beyond me! 😛

Finally managed to update my Minecraft Server to 1.2.4, and then the very next day, what do Mojang do? Update Minecraft. Luckily, since Bukkit is now part of Mojang, they updated Bukkit quickly & it’s now on 1.2.5. This is good, as I now have the “higher” maps & was able to paste in a Mob Trap I’ve been trying to do for the past 2 months. It looks freaking awesome. 😀 I’ve now also figured out how to protect areas using WorldGuard, so once I have my important places (read: Mob Traps) protected from being destroyed / raped by lava, I may relax the current automated kick-everyone-who’s-not-registered-on-my-Minecraft-control-panel. I’m thinking of building a massive rail network that’ll show them all off, but that’s low on my list – the Trap I just installed has a few bit and bobs that need sorting, and the massive trap I built needs major work making it a little higher and raising the collection area – it’s too low to Bedrock at the moment so it’s far too dark & the outer traps don’t reach the level it’s currently at. Raising it won’t be much of a problem, just cut & paste it. Connecting it all back up to the middle one at the collection system will be the biggest pain in arse. When it’s all done I’ll post here.

Katie is still ill. She was getting better yesterday, until she burnt herself out, so now she’s back to square one, basically. It’s annoying, as I miss spending time with her, but I’m not blaming her. I just hope she gets well soon.

Right, it’s far too late, I should be in bed.

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