Remember when I said no-one likes being ill?

I think I’m starting to get ill. I’ve got a cough, my throat is dry & I’m starting to feel a bit worn down. I’m seriously hoping I haven’t caught whatever the hell Katie has, I can’t work if I sound like a mouse & I’d be so dead on my feet they’d probably send me home anyway.

To try to combat it, I’ve taken a multivitamin tablet, a Cod Liver Oil tablet, drunk a cup of tea laced with honey (to the horror of my teeth) & I’m actually going to go to bed early. Well, early for me when I’m not in work that morning.

I really hope I’m not ill, as Monday is Easter Bank Holiday Monday, meaning I’ll be earning double time & ½. No sore throat or cold or anything is keeping me away from that. Plus Bank Holidays are normally dead, so that should help.

I might do a special Easter show on ClanBase Radio tomorrow, but it really depends on how my throat & voice hold out. We’ll see if it does. Although I could think my throat / voice is okay, do they show, and then find it’s screwed. Really does depend on how I feel & I can always end the show early.

I have a Plugin on this that automatically posts a message on my Twitter Account when I publish a new post on here. Today I installed a Facebook one, so hopefully that’ll get this place a little more traffic & maybe one of you reading this will need some sort of web hosting & will get in contact! (look at the tabs at the top of the page or click here)

On the note of webhosting, I’ve edited the page so that you can e-mail me, as some people don’t have or like Facebook and/or Twitter, and would prefer to e-mail instead. I broke the address up though, to try to block the billions of e-mail address stealing bots out there that would then send me bonkers amounts of shite every x mins.

[notice]I’ve only just noticed that the Minecraft link on this site was broken & was taking people to my Minecraft Control Panel. Fixed that now, although the Minecraft page is pretty low on information. I will update it soon.[/notice]

Katie’s up & about now, but she still sounds like a mouse. Hopefully she’s on the mend though.

On the lighter side of things:


I hope everyone has a great Easter, and don’t eat all your eggs straight away or you’ll just throw them back up!

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4 Responses to Remember when I said no-one likes being ill?

  1. Kate says:

    It took so fucking long to fill out your ridiculous spam traps that I have, in fact, forgotten what I wanted to even say..

    Fairly sure it was something about you being a drama llama. xxxxx

  2. swarfega says:

    Yes why do you have two layers of security? Also you need the Social Login plugin so your readers can login with the major social networks.

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