The late post

I should have posted this ages ago, but laziness, falling asleep on the settee & things coming up meant it’s late. I won’t lie, it was mostly laziness. Oops. 😛

Just as a warning, this is going to be a big post, there’s a lot of things that have happened recently that I want to put in this post.

Oooh, hale stones. ^.^

A while ago while at work, someone came in from the local Natwest & while I was serving them I asked if Natwest were doing Contactless Cards. She said she didn’t know, but that if she found out she’d tell me. (We take them at work)

So, a week or so later I went to the branch & was served by the same lady that I’d served at work. She told me that the day after I’d asked her about the cards, they’d got an e-mail about them! So she ordered me one & it turned up yesterday! So I have a Contactless Card! w00t!

Starting work on my Minecraft Server today, to get the new map up & running and to copy the things from the old map to the new one. No idea how long it’ll take, but while I’m working on it, the Map will not be accessible to anyone. Once I’ve got it working then all the previous permissions will be restored. Obviously I’ll keep you informed on here AND on the Minecraft page.

I made a YouTube video explaining how to use Meltus’ Android App Volume+. It’s crap (I made it, of course it’s gonna be crap). You can’t see me in it, only my HTC Desire HD. When Meltus releases a version that fixes the few tiny bugs currently in the app, I may make a new one.

Ooh, lightning. ^.^

A few posts back I put this:

I’m possibly going to be doing something I’ve never done before tomorrow. If I get to do it, I’ll post about it on here.

I’m not so sure I should do it now. Basically ‘cos it’s lame and boring. Let me explain:

I have an app on my phone called SleepMeter that I use to track how much sleep I’m getting at night. I can tell it if there were any holes in the sleep, if I had any aids (music, tv, etc), if there were any hindrances (someone snoring, hot, cold, ill, etc), and tags (work night, other random crap). It makes a html page with a load of stats and some graphs which I was going to put on the site. But I probably won’t now, as I can only assume no-one would look at it.

Me & Katie just watched the end of Carnivàle. The ending was really good, but it’s a fucking damn shame that it was canned! It’s a damn good show & was thoroughly enjoyed by both me & Katie. Well, I assume she enjoyed it. However, we’re watching No Ordinary Family at the moment, that’s pretty good.

I refused to watch the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix. The race should never happened. And it should have been cancelled when a member of the public got shot. Also, because Force India didn’t do Friday Practice to make sure their staff were safe, they weren’t shown AT ALL on the TV on Saturday’s Qualifying. Bernie, you’re a fucking cock.

I can’t remember what else to put. >.< I really should post more often so I remember what I wanna put! Or type into some sort of text file so I can remember. Anyway, I’ll leave this as is, I have a Minecraft Server to kick.

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