Too tired to think of a Title

Watched the last episode of Boardwalk Empire today. Still can’t believe James made love with his mum. So wrong. So so wrong. He’s dead now though. Don’t think Nucky should have shot him though. Mrs Schroeder Thompson is in deep shit when Nucky finds out she signed over the land to the Church instead of him. This is while he’s in a field on said land celebrating about building a new highway on it!

Did a load more work on my Minecraft Server, mainly major upgrades to my “square mob trap”. Got a new player on it, a German guy, calls himself slashlife, who’s been playing properly (as in properly mining, crafting, smelting, etc) and built an awesome looking house.

Only thing is, I’m thinking of restarting my server. Making a new 1.2.5 server from new & moving all the cool things from the current server to it. It would be possible, just a pain in the arse. It does need doing though as the current server has a fair few things wrong with it & its also quite old, it’s the same seed that I was running on my PC when I first started running the Minecraft Server software! I’ll keep you up to date on this Blog and also on the Minecraft page.

Busy day for me tomorrow – doing an almost full day at work (8 – 5:45) then when I get home I’ve got to do a water change for the fish. After that I’ll be calling a friend of an old customer to help them with a computer problem. Hopefully after that I’ll have some time to go on Minecraft but I won’t get long, I’m in work the day after at 7AM!

I’ve managed to persuade Katie watch 6 episodes of Heroes & watching it again is just reminding me why I fell in love with it in the first place.

Also, thank God for WordPress for Android or I wouldn’t have been able to post this. 😛

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