I can only offer my apologies for such a long time between posts. Once again, it’s due to my lazyness. And that when I remember to make a post, it’s about 4:30AM & I’m half asleep.

At least this time I started to post this before 4AM.

F1 Grand Prix in Spain this weekend! Once again hoping for a McLaren 1-2, but we’ll see how Qualifying goes shall we? I’ll probably post my thought of the Qualifying & the race on here, although expect a delay – I’m working both days. :/

Minecraft! I am continuing to work on my new Map, doing a lot of work I probably should be doing later, and not actually pasting my Traps in so I can re-open the Server… Yeah, I’m an idiot. Anyway, this will be rectified as I’m now getting moaned at by a few people who want to go back on. Namely Slashlife & Katie’s little brothers. As always, there’s more information on my Minecraft Page.

Me & Katie have just started watching The Killing. It’s really good. Also, Ringer is looking to be pretty awesome too. I’d highly recommend both.

Katie had an awesome birthday weekend, lots of pics and videos will be on Facebook shortly.

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