Fucking BT

I’m fucking livid with BT – every time they do any work on our local phone Exchange they fuck our internet for a week, sometimes two weeks. It’s fucking infuriating.

It’s happened again tonight & I swear if it’s not working when I get up in the morning BT are getting a fucking furious me on the phone. I don’t care that I’m with Sky, it’s BT’s fucking staff that are fucking shit up so they are who I’m going to shout at.

It happened a few weeks ago & it took them 10 days to fix it. I’m not waiting another 10 days for BT to do fuck all – this problem is being fixed once and for all.

Obviously I’ll tell Sky too – they can shout at them too so they’ll have it coming from both sides.

Had my One S replaced – the signal was crap on it & it was repeasdly sending text messages. The replaced one seems much better. Haven’t tested the text messages yet but the signal seems better.

Silly Calls

Not long ago I had three phone calls on my mobile.

But the other person’s phone had rung too, as if I’d called them, but I hadn’t, as my mobile had rung showing their number.

Two were from companies in Taunton – the second one explained to me that they’ve been having these calls all evening, which I was then forced to explain to the poor woman who’s mobile was the third call.

I’m hoping that someone’s just guessed my number and decided to have a laugh with this, but if it is someone who knows me & has my number I’d like you to not do it again please, especially not at the time the calls were made, which was 11:57PM, 11:59PM & 12:01AM.

I just hope it doesn’t happen again or I may have to go down the pain in the arse route of having my number changed.

So. Fucking. Hungover…

Went out last night. Never been so drunk in all my life. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before, so it appears I’m drinking more and more every time I get drunk. I’m not quite sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

However, the hangovers are getting worse, and they are very much a bad thing. I’m also failing to remember a fair bit of stuff that happens the night before. Usually not good, except when I’m told I did something funny or silly. XD

I’m hosting another website. The more the better, the server is just as quick and it can happily hold many many more websites so if you need a website or a Minecraft Server hosting , please click here! I’m also editing this site a bit, making its SEO better.

My Minecraft Server is pretty much ready, so I’ll be restoring access within the week. 🙂

I’ve almost run out of Creme Eggs again & I can’t afford to buy another box of them. I am a very sad panda. 🙁

My contract with O2 was almost up, so I got an upgrade. The Sony Xperia S was what I chose, but within 3-4 days I had phoned O2 asking for a swap. The Xperia was shite, it crashed a lot, the software wasn’t very good & I couldn’t Root it! So I asked what phones they did that were the same price as what I was paying for the Xperia and they made me rather happy: the HTC One S.
The One S is a pretty awesome phone, very powerful, ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) is rather awesome & Sense 4 is good too. The camera’s pretty rad & the battery life is BETTER (how I will never understand) than on my old Desire HD. Also, I could Root it! So I’m a rather happy camper at the moment. 😀 All I need to do now is try to find a custom ROM that I can install on to it, as I’m still running the Stock ROM. We’ll see…

Getting my hair cut tomorrow, so pictures will obviously be provided. Probably on Facebook, but I’ll link to them on here.

Just seen this: http://www.forumula1.com/news/ecclestone-f1-on-free-tv-could-end-in-britain/
Not happy. Ecclestone is a fucking wanker.

I’m off to play Minecraft. Have fun. 😛