Silly Calls

Not long ago I had three phone calls on my mobile.

But the other person’s phone had rung too, as if I’d called them, but I hadn’t, as my mobile had rung showing their number.

Two were from companies in Taunton – the second one explained to me that they’ve been having these calls all evening, which I was then forced to explain to the poor woman who’s mobile was the third call.

I’m hoping that someone’s just guessed my number and decided to have a laugh with this, but if it is someone who knows me & has my number I’d like you to not do it again please, especially not at the time the calls were made, which was 11:57PM, 11:59PM & 12:01AM.

I just hope it doesn’t happen again or I may have to go down the pain in the arse route of having my number changed.

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