I’ve been up in Leeds since Friday the 3rd of August. I’m up as it’s part of a birthday present, but also as my grampa has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, so I wanted to see him and my gran to make sure they are okay. I also hadn’t been up all year, so it was nice to see everyone.

Tonight is my last sleep in Leeds, tomorrow I’ll be going back on the (probably late) MegaBus Coach back to Taunton. I do and don’t want to go – I’ve really enjoyed being back in Leeds and seeing all my old friends, plus spending some lovely and quality time with my family. However, I still don’t like how huge and frankly noisy Leeds is, and that the buses are still poor & expensive. Also, I miss Katie. 🙁

I did a fair few cool things while I was in Leeds though. Got mum to finally leave Virgin Media and go with Sky, so she’s gone from paying £44 a month to £37.50 a month, for the same services (but Sky give you more channels for the money). Also, as I referred her a friend, we both get M&S Vouchers! 😀

She’s also binned Vodafone, as they were supposed to have her on a 30 day contract, but they have screwed up & had her on a year contract, so I phoned them & gave them a load of grief (and as everyone knows, I really enjoy doing that) so they agreed to cancel the whole thing and handed over the PAK code. She’s now on O2, with the same phone (HTC One S) and Contract I’m on (£27/month, 300 any network mins, 500 O2 mins, unlimited texts, 500MB) plus insurance. I let her have a faff about with my phone & she seemed happy with it. She hated her old phone (a Samsung Galaxy Y) as it was very slow, the touch screen was unresponsive and most games were incompatible with it. Still, she got £30 for it from O2 Recycle. ^.^

I helped my gran to build a new massage chair and place it where she wanted it, which involved moving a massive settee and a number of small chairs. She was ecstatic with the end result, so I’m happy. 🙂

On a sad note, I found out a very close friend of mine has been screwed over by his now ex girlfriend. I’ve had some bad girlfriends in the past, but what happened with him was bloody awful. I’m not going to go into detail, so don’t ask.

I’m one step closer to hopefully signing up a large customer to my webhosting, so I’m really excited about it. ^.^

One thing I’d like to add is that Leeds City Council and whoever it is that handles if people are too sick to work or not in Leeds are fucking stupid retarded wankers. A (different) close friend of mine IS ill, she can barely stand, never mind walk and she hurts all over pretty much 24/7. That is not fit and well. She’s had no money – at all – for three weeks. Nothing. Nada. She’s expected to find a job. In her current state? She can barely make it to the jobcentre without being in tears due to the pain, never mind work. These people need help – not spending weeks stressing about if they can afford to eat or pay their bills. Stop pissing about trying to save money and HELP THESE PEOPLE IN NEED.

Right, with that rant over, and noting that it’s silly o’clock in the morning, I think I’m gonna retire to bed, due to the aforementioned a 6+ hour coach trip tomorrow. The late bed is so I’m up late, so I’ll not fall asleep on the coach. Because no. Wazing needs to be done, as long as the coach has plug sockets installed. I hope it does.

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