Crap memory strikes again!

So, it’s been over a month since I last posted on this.

And once again, it’s due to mostly forgetting to post.

So, what’s happened since the Leeds post?

Most recently, I slipped on a step in the house and ended up flat on my face on the tile floor, but my HTC One S was in my hand, also hitting the floor screen first. The Gorilla Glass didn’t have a scratch on it. The LCD display, however, was shattered so bad that the screen didn’t work at all, even though the phone did, as the capacitive buttons at the bottom flashed when I held the power button down.

However, thank God for O2 insurance. £25 excess and a day later, I was holding a (bloody cold) brand spanking new HTC One S. And even better was that the HBoot was 1.06 so I could flash whatever the hell I liked on it, without having to go through all the bloody hoops that the poor bastards on 1.13+ have to.

So, within the hour, the phone had:

  • it’s Bootloader Unlocked (using HTC’s official method),
  • TWRP Recovery flashed on it,
  • the latest EU radio I could find flashed on it,
  • a custom-made (only for Sense-based 4.0.4 ROMs on the HOS) and therefore awesome Kernal installed on it, which allowed the 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU to be overclocked to 1.89GHz,
  • The quite frankly fucking awesome ViperOneS custom ROM.

So yeah, it’s pretty much set up like the old, smashed, probably-recycled-by-now one was before I smashed it. Like a bloody idiot. >.< In fact, it’s set up better than the old one, as I actually properly read about the extra features in the Kernal and set up the governors and schedulers properly.

What else happened?

Well, let’s make a list:

  • I came back from Leeds safely. Which is pretty obvious, otherwise who the fuck typed this?!
  • I may have mentioned this before, but I’m now volunteering for the British Heart Foundation at a Furniture/Electrical store. It’s pretty awesome. They’ve got an Assistant Manager vacancy that I’m going for, so good luck for me.
  • I’ve finally realised fizzy drinks are bad for me, and must wean myself off them. This has a rather high chance of failure. Mainly ‘cos I fucking love Cherry Coke. The question is, is Ribena any better?
  • Me and Katie went to see Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at the iTunes Festival in London. It was fucking awesome. I now love pretty much every song on their album.
  • I have found out that I am allergic to cheap Supermarket branded spray deodorants. How do I know this? I went to work having sprayed myself with one, and spent pretty much the whole day sneezing my nose off. It wasn’t pleasant. Not in the slightest. Then testing it by spraying a little by my nose wasn’t pleasant either. But at least it confirmed it. Strangely enough, Lynx doesn’t seem to affect me.

There’s probably others, but I forget.

I have a new billing software program for ssmmdd Hosting. (I’m still debating if I should keep that name, or change it to something else) Anyway, it’s almost complete, I just need to sort out some products and prices on it, and then it’ll be live. So keep an eye on this and as soon as it’s ready I’ll post a link here and obviously edit the Web Hosting page.

I think that’s about it. Well, that’s all I can remember, and it is 4AM. And I have work at 12PM. And then I’m volunteering pretty much all of Saturday. And I’m on ClanBase Radio both on Friday and Saturday.

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