Christmas in Leeds

I’m back in Leeds for Christmas with the family. In case you’re wondering, Lilly is in Ireland with Katie.

Although I nearly didn’t, the floods in the southwest nearly put an end to that and could have subjected me to a Christmas spent at home, alone. Luckily the trains were cancelled from Exeter onwards, so I was able to make the trip. Let’s just hope I can get back as well as I got here!

I travelled here on Sunday the 23rd and I’m due back on Thursday the 27th.

The coach trip was good, and bad. Good as it was a double decker, so had plug sockets. And free wifi. Awesome. Then it went bad, we got a new driver at Birmingham who turned off the plug sockets and decided to turn the upstairs air-con to 23°C… So when we got to Manchester, I moved downstairs & asked why the plug sockets were not working. I was told they’d been turned off and they were turned back on. On another good note, I got my fav seats, at the front of the coach. Win! I’m just hoping it’ll be another double decker with plug sockets on the way back. Hoping. We’ll see.

I made a new friend (and web hosting customer) thanks to Angry Birds Twitter Account! Hey Girlie Spoon. 😀

Christmas Day went pretty well, we spent most of it at my little sister’s house. She made the most amazing chicken. Gravy was a bit thick and spicy though.

Some pictures were taken, both on my S III and my digital camera, and will be uploaded soon. A link will go here when it’s done. And this time I won’t take ages to put the link here.

I’m thinking of pulling the Minecraft server I’m running. No one, including me, uses it (I’m too busy playing Command & Conquer, as well as other games) so what’s the point in using resources on it when I can simply put them to better use on making sure my server is nice and quick for my web hosting customers. If SlashLife reads this, he may not be happy. To be honest, the map’s a bit broken on it anyway.

Hopefully I’m gonna be getting a laptop tomorrow. Hopefully. If I do, I’ll post from it on here! 😀

That’s about it for now I think. Leave a comment if you want! 🙂

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