Okay, I have to admit something here…

Samsung’s TouchWiz is much, much better than it used to be. And I actually like it.

For the poor bastards who have no idea what the actual fuck I’m on about, let’s backtrack a bit.

Most of you will know that for a fair while now I’ve been bragging about how awesome HTC are, that I loved the HTC phones I had (Desire HD and One S), that I had rooted them and put custom firmware on them, bla bla bla.

I won’t lie, I had done all of that, I had enjoyed having and using those phones and I loved HTC Sense.

What pissed me off, however, was the shitty build quality of the HTC One S series. I have had 3 different ones, all sent to me by O2 – and each one had a hardware problem. Now I’ve put that in bold to try to get through to the retards that may end up reading this that rooting a phone is a SOFTWARE thing – apart from bricking the phone outright (which is still a software issue) rooting a phone and loading custom firmware on to it can’t break the hardware.

The first one had Cell issues. By cell I mean it found it hard to get and then keep a connection to the O2’s Base Stations. It would drop calls, lose text messages, refuse to send text messages and sometimes send more than one.

The second one, as well as having Cell issues, had Wi-Fi issues. It found connecting to my Wireless-N router very difficult, and keeping the connection was even harder.

The last one’s vibrator motor gave up the ghost, not working for ages, then working 3-4 times after being left untouched for a long while (overnight or during a shift at work) then stopping again.

So, those lovely lovely people on the replace/repair department at O2, who must be bloody sick of me, very kindly allowed me to choose a different phone than get another One S.

Not only that … but they offered me the Samsung Galaxy S III.

I’ve never owned a Samsung phone. Ever. Not even an old “not-smart” phone. I’ve had Nokia, LG, HTC, Alcatel, Motorola, iPhones, O2 XDA, Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, Sony, NEC, Sharp & Siemens phones, but never a Samsung. (Fuck me, I’ve had a long of phones in my life. Maybe one day I should list them all.)

Until now.

I’d had a play about with a Samsung smartphone before though – a friend owned a Galaxy S II and let me have a 10-15 fuck about with it so I could compare Samsung’s TouchWiz to HTC’s Sense on my Desire HD.

I didn’t like it. It seemed clunky, slow, laggy & fairly unresponsive compared to the Desire HD. It didn’t have any decent Widgets, it didn’t look as cool and just kinda lacked … well … everything.

A lot of the reviews for the SGS II panned TouchWiz too, saying that although it was touch, it certainty wasn’t what you would call “wiz”.

It seems that, while Samsung had picked the right hardware for the SGS II, they had lacked a fair whack on the software, and in the world of the smartphone, any software that either comes with, or is integrated into the OS (like TouchWiz and Sense) has to be as good as, or better than, the phone itself.

Samsung clearly took this on board. Knowing the hardware side of the Galaxy line was performing pretty much spot on, they marched into the software side of it and, from the looks of it, pretty much wiped the slate clean and started again. I can only assume they either fired a fair few people, or stood there with a gun to their heads demanding that it be as shit hot as the hardware, or they’ll be 6ft under.

Well, whatever they did, it worked. It’s fast, fluid, looks gorgeous and the quick bars at the top of the notification bar are a massive timesaver. The Samsung is loads better than the One S AND the One X.

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