A rather long bike ride…

So, for the 2nd post of 2013 and the first post for a good 3 ½ months, I’m going to talk about riding my bike.

But this isn’t going to be any old bike ride. Oh no. I’m thinking of riding a total of 26 miles. In one day.

Basically, there’s a canal that goes from Taunton to Bridgwater (yes, it’s spelt without the “e” in bridge) and it has a bike path next to it. It starts at Morrisons in Taunton and ends at Morrisons at Bridgwater. It’s 13 miles long. So, going there and back would be a total of 26 miles.

Click here to see a map of it on RunKeeper  – there’s also a route for the return trip on the left.

On the topic of RunKeeper, that’s the app I’ll be using on my phone when I’m doing the route. It’ll be tracking where I am using the phone’s built in GPS/GLONASS system. It’ll be doing it live as well,  so when I start the app on my phone it’ll post a link to Facebook and Twitter to a RunKeeper page that will show you, in almost real time (they’ll be a very small lag) where abouts I am on the route, as well as other information. I think. I’ve never looked at the page myself, I really should…

I’m not sure when I’m going to be doing this bike ride, so it’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on here / Facebook / Twitter for an update of when I decide to actually do this thing. It’ll hopefully be in the next few weeks though.

I’ve finally got a proper website for the web hosting, and a name, a billing system, etc. It’s here: www.lloydhosting.co.uk.

I would put more but I’m editing this at half past 2 in the morning and I’m shattered. I’ll make a new post with other random ramblings later.

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