Spotify, Deadmau5, Web Hosting, Puppy, Drunk, Laptop, Internet Radio…

A lot has happened since my last post, which is why the subject of this post is so long. I’m going to try to say everything that’s happened since my last post, and usual for me, I may go into too much detail, so this post may be a bit long.

You have been warned. Also, new Theme! I like it a lot. πŸ˜€

So, what do I start with? Oh, I know – alcohol. May as well get that out of the way first.

So, I was back in Taunton, it was New Year’s Even & I was alone, as Katie and her family were still in Ireland until the 3rd of January. I’d already planned to get drunk over the New Year, but I hadn’t realised I’d be alone. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I knew we had a bottle of vodka (in fact, we had two) so I grabbed them & the two 2 litre bottles ofΒ  Coca-Cola I’d bought just for the occasion and got started.

The problem was I pretty must had an empty stomach so the alcohol affected me a bit quicker than I thought it would. Plus I was making the drinks a little stronger than I usually do. I ended up making a complete fool of myself live on ClanBase Radio (more ClanBase Radio later) and spent at least Β½ of New Year’s Day recovering from a rather horrible hangover. Being drunk was fun. The hangover wasn’t.

Next is Spotify & Deadmau5.

I’d never used Spotify before. And I couldn’t remember, for the life of me, why I hadn’t. Then one day, while browsing about the internet, I saw a link about Nokia doing an awesome show in London using massive projectors and Deadmau5 was doing the music. The show was awesome, and so I decided to look into more of Deadmau5’s music. A Google search came up with Spotify, Completely forgetting why I’d refused to use it, I made an account and searched for Deadmau5. It found “Get Scraped”, so I downloaded it (to the client) and played the first song.

I spent the next 4 or so mins gobsmacked. What incredible music! Everyone knows I’ve always liked that kind of music – some of my favourite bands being The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Pendulum & Knife Party – so I was shocked and overjoyed to hear how incredible Deadmau5’s music is. There’s only 2 songs from that album I’m not that fond of – but it’s rare I’ll like every single song from an album. I’m weird like that.

Spotify nicely let you trial their paid versions for free for a month, so I activated the most expensive one (usually Β£9.99/month) and was overjoyed to find out that, with that subscription active, you can download music to the app for your phone (iPhone and Android). This meant that, for nothing (at that point), I could download the whole of the Get Scraped album onto my phone and listen to it whenever I liked, without abusing my mobile internet. Brilliant!

So, what’s next? Puppy? Why not.

So, Lilly. She’s doing okay. Still peeing and pooping pretty much where she likes. She was (thankfully) okay with the trip to and from Ireland, and a repeat of the sick 14 times from the Kennels to home didn’t happen. I believe she may have hurled once – but that’s much better than 14 times.

She sleeps in the funniest positions – I’m gonna have to get some pictures of her in these crazy positions and get them online, so people can see them and (hopefully) go “awwww” like we do. πŸ™‚

She loves going on walks though. So much so she’s already learned what “walkies” means and will literally go insane until you’ve got her lead on her. She’s really well behaved when we’re walking her and not much scares her – apart from vehicles, she’s sometimes wary of those. But other dogs? Not afraid in the slightest. Other people? She legs it towards them, demanding attention. So much so that if she hears someone awww’ing her, she’s pulling as hard as she can towards them for attention. And as soon as they start giving her attention, she’s on her back so they’ll rub her tummy. Attention whore. πŸ˜›

Laptop next. Only a short one. I think.

Got myself a “new” laptop. By new I mean used/2nd hand, of course. πŸ˜›

It’s not the best thing in the world, but then for Β£50, what do you expect. It’s an Advent too, which makes it worse, but replacing the 533 RAM with 667 helped, as did replacing the 120GB HDD (that was dying) with a 250GB HDD that was in much better condition helped. It’s running Win7 64-bit and seems happy enough.

I got it so I can access the internet and so on while watching the TV, as the PC is in the other room. It’s so much easier to multi-task on a laptop than a phone. Plus it’s pretty quiet.

Internet Radio (Remember I said I’d talk about ClanBase Radio later?)

ClanBase Radio (CBR). Anyone at Wireplay will know that I used to DJ there, on their internet radio station Wireplay Radio (WPR). For a while, I ran the station. It was fun. πŸ™‚ However, due to many a reason, it was closed down, and I stopped DJ’ing for a while. Mainly as I didn’t know what other stations I could trust, and which ones would let me broadcast in my crazy, swear-word filled, shouty way.

Then, out of nowhere, Neur0 PM’d me on IRC and asked if I’d give ClanBase Radio a try. Neur0, for those who don’t know, used to broadcast on WPR. He was now staff at CBR. At first I was apprehensive, but I was invited to do a trial show, which lasts an hour. Well, the listeners loved me, and I’ve been a “regular” (I say that as I sometimes miss shows) ever since.

Link to my show page

I’m on every Friday from 8PM until 10PM UK time.


Just quickly, my Minecraft server will be shut down, for good, in the next week or two.

Web Hosting

So, finally, web hosting. Some of you will know by now that I host websites, and for a while, I was only hosting a few. I now have 9 customers. The last 2 months have been really good for me and I only hope it gets better.

The Billing site is pretty much properly up and running, and services can be ordered from it. I’m still working on it though, adding entries to the Knowledge Base and adding more services and addons that people can order.

However, my newest thing is that I can sell Domains! Properly! This is pretty cool, as it will hopefully get more people to join up.

I’m also planning on upgrading the server – as I won’t be running the Minecraft server anymore, I can upgrade to my hosts’ newer and awesomely powerful servers, meaning I can host more sites and everything will run faster!

However, I’ll still be offering to host Minecraft servers for other people – if you’re interested, simply get in touch.

Random Last Bits

The WiiU is actually a pretty cool console, and Batman Arkham City is pretty rad. The updates to the game are pretty cool. The Gamepad gets some getting used to, however…

I have F1 2012 for Xbox 360 and I can’t wait to play it.

I got Tooned for Christmas, and it’s pretty funny. It’s a set of cartoons of McLaren F1 and it’s pretty funny. I also got Sherlock (the BBC version, both seasons) and I’m chomping at the bit to watch them too.

I’ve gotta ask, how many people are actually going to change from MSN/Windows Live to Skype? I have, but then I’m on Skype anyway, so the change wasn’t that hard. What about everyone else?

Well, that’s it from me, I’ve done 2 early morning shifts and I have another one today – except today is also a full day shift. πŸ™ I’m gonna be shattered when I get home. πŸ™

Christmas in Leeds

I’m back in Leeds for Christmas with the family. In case you’re wondering, Lilly is in Ireland with Katie.

Although I nearly didn’t, the floods in the southwest nearly put an end to that and could have subjected me to a Christmas spent at home, alone. Luckily the trains were cancelled from Exeter onwards, so I was able to make the trip. Let’s just hope I can get back as well as I got here!

I travelled here on Sunday the 23rd and I’m due back on Thursday the 27th.

The coach trip was good, and bad. Good as it was a double decker, so had plug sockets. And free wifi. Awesome. Then it went bad, we got a new driver at Birmingham who turned off the plug sockets and decided to turn the upstairs air-con to 23Β°C… So when we got to Manchester, I moved downstairs & asked why the plug sockets were not working. I was told they’d been turned off and they were turned back on. On another good note, I got my fav seats, at the front of the coach. Win! I’m just hoping it’ll be another double decker with plug sockets on the way back. Hoping. We’ll see.

I made a new friend (and web hosting customer) thanks to Angry Birds Twitter Account! Hey Girlie Spoon. πŸ˜€

Christmas Day went pretty well, we spent most of it at my little sister’s house. She made the most amazing chicken. Gravy was a bit thick and spicy though.

Some pictures were taken, both on my S III and my digital camera, and will be uploaded soon. A link will go here when it’s done. And this time I won’t take ages to put the link here.

I’m thinking of pulling the Minecraft server I’m running. No one, including me, uses it (I’m too busy playing Command & Conquer, as well as other games) so what’s the point in using resources on it when I can simply put them to better use on making sure my server is nice and quick for my web hosting customers. If SlashLife reads this, he may not be happy. To be honest, the map’s a bit broken on it anyway.

Hopefully I’m gonna be getting a laptop tomorrow. Hopefully. If I do, I’ll post from it on here! πŸ˜€

That’s about it for now I think. Leave a comment if you want! πŸ™‚


It’s finally fixed! (Go Sky!)

Rang Sky on Friday (using a direct to their CST department) and got in touch with a superb bloke who, after trying every single thing he could to fix the problems there and then, eventually realised it was either a problem at our end (which we were pretty certain it wasn’t) or a problem at the Exchange (which we were pretty certain it was).

So he sent off an order to BT Openreach to send an Engineer to our local exchange to yank our connection from whatever computer/server/thing it was hooked up to, and connect it to a different computer/server/thing to see if that would help.

(I should mention here that, although I’m a geek/nerd when it comes to computers, laptops, websites & so on, how ADSL works completely baffles me)

BT Openreach don’t work on weekends, so we had to wait until today (Monday the 9th of July 2012) before the connection change was done. When I got back from work, the Router showed that the ADSL connection had died a couple of hours ago, as the current connection’s uptime was 2-3 hours ago. However, it was connected at 4096kbps down & 512kbps up – a low slower than the 8MB we were getting before.

So I rang them up, and after changing a few settings, the router reconnected and a few seconds later, connected to the internet! Not after 2-3 like before! It’s all fixed! w00t!

In other news, full access has finally been restored to my Minecraft Server, but the old rule still applies – you only get access if I know you! If you know me & want access to my Minecraft Server, just send me a message & Ill give you access to it.

The British Grand Prix happened over the weekend, apparently the Qualifying was a bit of a washout, oops, damn you British weather. πŸ˜› I’m gonna watch it later, or tomorrow. Whenever the missis is out, or I’ll never hear the last of it. She hates F1.

Well done to Murray btw – he didn’t win, but he did damn good to get 2nd place and played a fine game against Federer – the only problem is, Federer was in his element and pretty much unbeatable.

Had my HTC One S replaced again – it was having Wifi troubles. The replacement is a different model though, so hopefully they one will fair better.

That’s about it really.

So. Fucking. Hungover…

Went out last night. Never been so drunk in all my life. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before, so it appears I’m drinking more and more every time I get drunk. I’m not quite sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

However, the hangovers are getting worse, and they are very much a bad thing. I’m also failing to remember a fair bit of stuff that happens the night before. Usually not good, except when I’m told I did something funny or silly. XD

I’m hosting another website. The more the better, the server is just as quick and it can happily hold many many more websites so if you need a website or a Minecraft Server hosting , please click here! I’m also editing this site a bit, making its SEO better.

My Minecraft Server is pretty much ready, so I’ll be restoring access within the week. πŸ™‚

I’ve almost run out of Creme Eggs again & I can’t afford to buy another box of them. I am a very sad panda. πŸ™

My contract with O2 was almost up, so I got an upgrade. The Sony Xperia S was what I chose, but within 3-4 days I had phoned O2 asking for a swap. The Xperia was shite, it crashed a lot, the software wasn’t very good & I couldn’t Root it! So I asked what phones they did that were the same price as what I was paying for the Xperia and they made me rather happy: the HTC One S.
The One S is a pretty awesome phone, very powerful, ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) is rather awesome & Sense 4 is good too. The camera’s pretty rad & the battery life is BETTER (how I will never understand) than on my old Desire HD. Also, I could Root it! So I’m a rather happy camper at the moment. πŸ˜€ All I need to do now is try to find a custom ROM that I can install on to it, as I’m still running the Stock ROM. We’ll see…

Getting my hair cut tomorrow, so pictures will obviously be provided. Probably on Facebook, but I’ll link to them on here.

Just seen this:
Not happy. Ecclestone is a fucking wanker.

I’m off to play Minecraft. Have fun. πŸ˜›

The Girl With The Pink Hair

Me & Katie were in Asda when a young boy being pushed around in a trolley spotted Katie’s pink hair and, at the top of his lungs, screamed “MUMMY THAT LADY HAS PINK HAIR, LOOK AT HER HAIR!” He then proceeded to scream to the rest of the family to come and look, who were in a different isle, by yelling “HEY GUYS COME LOOK AT THE PINK HAIR!”. It was royally cute. The poor mother was apologising profusely but we were fine with it. ^.^

I got 30 more Creme Eggs. XD Nom nom nom. ^.^

Minecraft Server is almost complete! All I need to do is paste in my massive trap (not an easy feat) and then protect it with a region. Once I’ve done that, I can start letting people back in. Again, keep an eye on here for news.

Did anyone see the fire at Williams garage after the Spanish Grand Prix? It was pretty bad. Apparently it was caused by an electrical fault in the fuel pump? Regardless, it was amazing to see people from the other teams jump in and help, it just shows how great sportsmanship is at F1. I hope the few people that were injured or hurt & had to go to hospital are okay.

I’ve edited this post a little and corrected the few mistakes I made. It was 4AM when I made it… πŸ˜›


I can only offer my apologies for such a long time between posts. Once again, it’s due to my lazyness. And that when I remember to make a post, it’s about 4:30AM & I’m half asleep.

At least this time I started to post this before 4AM.

F1 Grand Prix in Spain this weekend! Once again hoping for a McLaren 1-2, but we’ll see how Qualifying goes shall we? I’ll probably post my thought of the Qualifying & the race on here, although expect a delay – I’m working both days. :/

Minecraft! I am continuing to work on my new Map, doing a lot of work I probably should be doing later, and not actually pasting my Traps in so I can re-open the Server… Yeah, I’m an idiot. Anyway, this will be rectified as I’m now getting moaned at by a few people who want to go back on. Namely Slashlife & Katie’s little brothers. As always, there’s more information on my Minecraft Page.

Me & Katie have just started watching The Killing. It’s really good. Also, Ringer is looking to be pretty awesome too. I’d highly recommend both.

Katie had an awesome birthday weekend, lots of pics and videos will be on Facebook shortly.

The late post

I should have posted this ages ago, but laziness, falling asleep on the settee & things coming up meant it’s late. I won’t lie, it was mostly laziness. Oops. πŸ˜›

Just as a warning, this is going to be a big post, there’s a lot of things that have happened recently that I want to put in this post.

Oooh, hale stones. ^.^

A while ago while at work, someone came in from the local Natwest & while I was serving them I asked if Natwest were doing Contactless Cards. She said she didn’t know, but that if she found out she’d tell me. (We take them at work)

So, a week or so later I went to the branch & was served by the same lady that I’d served at work. She told me that the day after I’d asked her about the cards, they’d got an e-mail about them! So she ordered me one & it turned up yesterday! So I have a Contactless Card! w00t!

Starting work on my Minecraft Server today, to get the new map up & running and to copy the things from the old map to the new one. No idea how long it’ll take, but while I’m working on it, the Map will not be accessible to anyone. Once I’ve got it working then all the previous permissions will be restored. Obviously I’ll keep you informed on here AND on the Minecraft page.

I made a YouTube video explaining how to use Meltus’ Android App Volume+. It’s crap (I made it, of course it’s gonna be crap). You can’t see me in it, only my HTC Desire HD. When Meltus releases a version that fixes the few tiny bugs currently in the app, I may make a new one.

Ooh, lightning. ^.^

A few posts back I put this:

I’m possibly going to be doing something I’ve never done before tomorrow. If I get to do it, I’ll post about it on here.

I’m not so sure I should do it now. Basically ‘cos it’s lame and boring. Let me explain:

I have an app on my phone called SleepMeter that I use to track how much sleep I’m getting at night. I can tell it if there were any holes in the sleep, if I had any aids (music, tv, etc), if there were any hindrances (someone snoring, hot, cold, ill, etc), and tags (work night, other random crap). It makes a html page with a load of stats and some graphs which I was going to put on the site. But I probably won’t now, as I can only assume no-one would look at it.

Me & Katie just watched the end of CarnivΓ le. The ending was really good, but it’s a fucking damn shame that it was canned! It’s a damn good show & was thoroughly enjoyed by both me & Katie. Well, I assume she enjoyed it. However, we’re watching No Ordinary Family at the moment, that’s pretty good.

I refused to watch the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix. The race should never happened. And it should have been cancelled when a member of the public got shot. Also, because Force India didn’t do Friday Practice to make sure their staff were safe, they weren’t shown AT ALL on the TV on Saturday’s Qualifying. Bernie, you’re a fucking cock.

I can’t remember what else to put. >.< I really should post more often so I remember what I wanna put! Or type into some sort of text file so I can remember. Anyway, I’ll leave this as is, I have a Minecraft Server to kick.

Too tired to think of a Title

Watched the last episode of Boardwalk Empire today. Still can’t believe James made love with his mum. So wrong. So so wrong. He’s dead now though. Don’t think Nucky should have shot him though. Mrs Schroeder Thompson is in deep shit when Nucky finds out she signed over the land to the Church instead of him. This is while he’s in a field on said land celebrating about building a new highway on it!

Did a load more work on my Minecraft Server, mainly major upgrades to my “square mob trap”. Got a new player on it, a German guy, calls himself slashlife, who’s been playing properly (as in properly mining, crafting, smelting, etc) and built an awesome looking house.

Only thing is, I’m thinking of restarting my server. Making a new 1.2.5 server from new & moving all the cool things from the current server to it. It would be possible, just a pain in the arse. It does need doing though as the current server has a fair few things wrong with it & its also quite old, it’s the same seed that I was running on my PC when I first started running the Minecraft Server software! I’ll keep you up to date on this Blog and also on the Minecraft page.

Busy day for me tomorrow – doing an almost full day at work (8 – 5:45) then when I get home I’ve got to do a water change for the fish. After that I’ll be calling a friend of an old customer to help them with a computer problem. Hopefully after that I’ll have some time to go on Minecraft but I won’t get long, I’m in work the day after at 7AM!

I’ve managed to persuade Katie watch 6 episodes of Heroes & watching it again is just reminding me why I fell in love with it in the first place.

Also, thank God for WordPress for Android or I wouldn’t have been able to post this. πŸ˜›