Here is where I will put links of websites that I think are cool.

Please, don’t e-mail me or comment on my Blog asking for your links to go here, as doing that will simply result in your links never, ever being put on this page.

So, here they are:

Android Audio Hacks

Maker of Volume+, an Android App that makes your Android Device’s Notifications, ringtones, videos, etc louder. The Website is hosted by me!


Yorkshire Van Man

A very good friend of mine who will happily move anything you need from A to B quickly and professionally, at a price you can afford, anywhere in the UK or Europe!


DW Decorating and Painting Services Manchester

If you live in Manchester and need any kind of interior or exterior painting or decorating work done, give this guy a call. The Website is hosted by me!


Mister Who

London’s latest comic book hero. Is he an intelligent private investigator or a thuggish vigilante? You decide.

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